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Change is good. Change or die. 

     I don't know who said that but I think there is a lot to it. At the start of ’98 I decided to live to it a little bit more than usual, and the way I chose was to have some fun with my hair. I work in a rather conservative profession and for a somewhat conservative company. However, it is the ‘90’s, and my company SAIC, is in California so I do have some options. At the start of the year my hair was short. Short and brown. No shorter than it had been over the last few years but no longer than that either. Brown however, was a color it had always been. So, I decided to change that.

     I had discussed this with my professional hair stylist, Jennifer, and she was very enthusiastic about helping me change things. One fine day in January, I went down to Winn’s Barbershop on University Avenue in Hillcrest and we set to work. This page is about my experience.

The Dye Job
Here is the obligatory "before" shot. I am seated in Jennifer's chair and calmly awaiting the process to begin. Little do I know what awaits.
Soon enough however, I learn just what it feels like to have your hair "lifted" to a lighter shade.
I may be smiling here but it was not long before the hydrogen peroxide in that goop covering my head began to burn.  At first it felt cool, then icy, then very hot.  Hot and painful enough to bring tears to my eyes.   I had to sit there and smile my way through it for forty five minutes.  Hydrogen peroxide, in case you didn't know, is one of the chemicals used in rocket fuel.  So imagine what something that explosive can do to your skin!
Stylin dude!
Yup, I'm a stylin' Dude!
Even after that long however, things were not ready yet.  To speed the process up Jennifer had me sit under a dryer to assist the chemical process through the added heat.     Most of the burning had gone away by then.  Whether that was due to all the nerve endings in my scalp having been burnt away or that the "lifter" had nothing left to it, I don't know.   It was however, not nearly as painful at this point.
Even after that however, things were not ready yet.  My hair came out a nice shade of orange.  I don't have anything against orange in general but I don't think I could get away with this at work.
Madoc the Red
So, it was back for some more goop in my hair and some more time under the dryer. More Goop
This last turn did the trick and left me with flowing blond locks. The Blond Pope
Well, perhaps flowing blond stuble.  This did not last long however.
In fact I kept it for little over a month.
The Haircut!
  As soon as my hair started growing back out into its natural brown, I decided to change things once again.  This time I opted not to have my scalp dissolved by a rocket fuel derivative and instead simply had my head shaved.
Going ,  going, and gone!
I liked that look but found it a real chore to keep up.  No matter how closely I shaved my scalp each morning, by about lunchtime I had a "five o'clock shadow" all over my head.   So, after a month or so of this style I let it start growing back in.
It has now been over three years since I shaved my head.  In that time my hair has grown out long enough for me to braid - and I'm not done yet!  No, I don't plan on growing it so long I wind up sitting on it!  But a few more inches will do just fine.

A Windy Day on the Golden Gate

Right now it is long enough to cause me some problems on windy days!

If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we'll see what happens.  I can be reached
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