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Peter Berlin
Peter Berlin

Damn!  He is one extremely sexy man.  An icon in the gay leather community.  An icon in the Longhair community.  An icon in gay culture, period!

This guy has been around forever.  He was one of the first truly successful gay porn stars.  A lot of that is attributable to his marketing savy.  So too is that fact that he does a lot of solo work.  Not only does that give him “full creative control,”  it also means he doesn’t have to pay anyone else for the shots and he gets to keep all the residuals from their use.  And used they are!  Even today, some several decades after they first came out, pictures of Peter Berlin still are hot and still work!

Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

Another very sexy man.  Very different from Peter but no less sexy.  This guy exudes a sensuality that is a delight to behold.  Very powerful, very intense.  That and I like his songs too!

Yeah, I know, both of these guys are major stars and nowhere near being “regular guys.”  I still think they are attractive men though and worth putting up on my page to note that!


A handsome man in a fine kilt with a really big... sword! I love men in kilts!

I think a good kilt on the right man can be sexy as hell.  Just take this fine example here on the left.  Aside from being a very sexy man to begin with he is also combining several things which I find particularly attractive in men.  He is muscular, handsome, is wearing a kilt and he has Longhair.  That is really a hard to beat combination!

Interestingly enough, this image did not come to me in this state.  A friend up in Northern California found it as part of an ad for Scottish Whiskey (is there any other kind?!) and scanned it in.  I liked that but found the UPC barcoding to be distracting.  Here is what the original version looked like.

Summer is coming and that means Pride Festivals and other outdoor events.  This means that I'll be outside and on the lookout for sexy men to take pictures of.  If you have some images of attractive men - be they of yourself or of other guys - then let me know and they might wind up here too!



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This page was last updated on: 30 March 2008