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An image off the Net.  A very beautiful man.  Longhair, hard body, and those eyes!

These pages will feature images of men I find beautiful and or sexy.  These pages are also among the oldest on my website as I created them back in the late 90's when I created my first site on GeoCities as a means of posting my newly growing mane.  The images here reflect that as they're all about handsome Longhaired men.  Go figure!

I've no idea who most of these men are as I snagged their images off the 'Net.  Still though, they are not at all hard on the eyes.  At least so for me.


Longhair and bedroom eyes!
These two images are among my current favorites. 

The man on the left has such intense eyes and a beautiful face to go with it.

The boy/man on the right also has a very intense look about him.  Different from the first but very sexy none the less.

Anyone know who these two men actually are?  The only info that I have is that the boy/man's image on the right is labeled "Sammy."

Another beautiful man off the Web.

Artistic? Yes.  Posed? Yes.  Beautiful?  Yes again!
Longhair and a smile is a combo that is hard to beat!
These next two images are a study in contrasts.  The one on the left is as posed as posed can get.  Yet, it works real well.  The one on the right is also posed but only somewhat.  The smile on this man, more than makes up for it.  Aside from this guy's Longhair, his smile is among  his most winning feature.  I really like it when a man smiles.

One thing I have noticed about most of the images of guys I have found out on the Net, is that they seem to be mostly of younger guys.  Some of these guys look barely old enough to shave!  I have nothing against twenty-somethings but when they look like posterboys for statutory rape, then I lose interest.  I would like to see more images of MEN.  That is why I have "Jake" as the lead picture here.  He looks like he may be in his low thirties.  Younger than some but older than most.  He also looks more mature, at least more so than the "Sammy" image.  Don't get me wrong - I find both men very attractive and would not turn either away!  However, if I had to choose, then "Jake" would be it.

If you have images of men to share, then let me know.  None of the images here will be too explicit.  I realize how such an image could be picked up by someone else and then plastered all over the Web's porn sites.  There is no need for that.  I am not saying you shouldn't send me explicit pics - far from it!  In fact, three out of the five images currently on this site were originally x-rated when I found them.  I just did a little "cropping" with Paint Shop Pro.

I have more images of attractive men to share.  Click on the link below or up in the title block.  In the meantime, drop me a line at:


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This page was last updated on: 30 March 2008