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Long Ago

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The Gang

All the Usual Suspects!

What a fun time!  For my 31st birthday my then partner, Kim, (now five+ years an ex-partner and still very camera shy) decided on doing something special and doing it without my knowledge.  In short, she had me kidnapped.  Abducted.  Spirited away without my prior consent and with no idea of where I was being taken to.  Nor who was taking me.  Damn!  That was fun!  I had just finished being taken to a nice birthday dinner by a good friend of mine, John Atherton.  We wound up at Wolf's, a local levi/ leather bar.  In short order a couple more of my friends showed up.  Jeff Bays was one of them and he was there, hood in hand.  Within moments I was hooded and had my wrists bound behind me.  The guys then proceeded to physically carry me out of the bar and into the back of his van.  With the eye covers on the hood I had no idea of who else was involved and, from the way Jeff drove around and around, I had no idea of where we were going.

In the picture above here are all guys in the gang.  From the left is Kelly, Bear, Jeff Bays, John McConnel, Tom, Daniel, Brian, Michael and Race.  That smiling lady in the middle there is my ex-partner, Kim.  This was one of the high points of our relationship.

Hooded, hog-tied and in the back of some guy's van!

I did have some idea that I was in the back of Jeff's van as he was the one who led the abduction.  What I didn't have though was any idea of where we wound up.  Jeff was real good about that.  He drove around and around and around.  The guys were smart too.  Even though I was bound with my wrists together, they placed me on my back and not my stomach.  That made it much easier to breathe over time.  Most police forces have learned this the hard way from putting handcuffed suspects on their bellies in the backs of police cars.  It is all too easy in that position to suffocate.


Sure, you could do this with only a couple of guys but it really works better with a bunch of 'em!

The Gang at Work!

This is about the first time I began to realize just how many guys were in on this.  If you have ever been lucky enough to be the center of this much attention then you know how great it feels.  Not just the overwhelming physical sensations but the awesome emotions it brings up when you realize that so many good people are trying to make you happy all at once.  It was a lot of fun indeed!

Men At Work!

Nothing like having a bunch of your friends over to help beat you up!

Can't have a birthday party without some candles!

Yup, my friends!

That this was fun doesn't mean it didn't hurt at times.  Especially when you've got a dozen or so candles dripping hot wax all over you.  Even more so when you are hooded and can't anticipate the sensations.  They at least had the decency to oil me up so that the wax could more easily be pealed off afterwards.  This was a great rush going through this.  Hurt like hell but really peaked the evening.  A good way to finish things.

What a night!

This scene went on forever but it only last a while.  Long enough for all of us to have a really great time.  More than anything I was very happy and grateful that so many of my friends would do this for me.  A number of these guys drove down from Los Angeles and Orange County to help out with this.  I found that very meaningful.  I am honored to have such friends.  At the end of the evening I was one happy camper.

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