Here are some the sites on the Web that I have found interesting.

11/29/2020 - This actually seems more an exercise in nostalgia.  This page first was started with my GeoCities site back in the late 90s.  Back then, the Web was still new enough that having a "Links" page was considered a real plus on anyone's website as it was a great way to share interesting and useful links to other webpages.  Working your way through GeoCities pages and their "webrings" was actually like a treasure hunt, in some respects.  It's been over thirteen years since I updated the links here.  I just went through and culled a bunch of dead or otherwise dated links.  We'll see if I update the page with new ones.

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Aerospace & Plastic Modeling Links
Starship Modeler The best place on the Web for information about science fiction model kits and how to make them.  This site is updated daily and features reviews of stock kits, scratchbuilds, and accessories.  This as well as articles on plastic modeling techniques and information about the SciFi world in general makes this an excellent resource.  The discussion webboard also run by these folks is an excellent place to hang out as its signal to noise ratio is very impressive.
Hyperscale This is an excellent modeling website with a heavy focus on aircraft and the like.  Good articles, good features and it's very accessible.
Modeling Madness
This is another good site to hit up for reviews and news of scale plastic airplane models.  It is updated daily and its kit reviews have been very helpful to me in my making my kit buying decisions.  I highly recommend using this site as a great reference point.
Regia Aeronautica A well run site put up by a fan of the World War II era Italian Airforce.  This site does an excellent job of surveying the various model kits out there which depict the planes flown by the Facists during the war.
Aircraft Resource Center
Another site the features reviews and articles about scale plastic aircraft models and modeling.  This to is a site I check daily.
On The Way!
Lest anyone think I'm only interested in airplane and spaceship models - there's this site.  On The Way! is all about armored fighting vehicle kits, tanks and the like, but with a difference.  OTW! is only about such kits in 1/72nd scale.  As most armor kits are in 1/35th this makes it rather distinct and it also makes its extensive kit reviews all the more appreciated.  As with all plastic model kits, some can be excellent and some can be real dogs.  With the 1/35th scale market being so well served by plastic kit manufacturers, it is much easier to use the brand name as a guide to the quality of a particular kit.  The 1/72nd market enjoys no such luck.  Thus the reviews on OTW! become all the more valuable.
Luft '46 Luft '46 is a site dedicated to the "might have beens" that the Nazi's came up with during World War II.  This is not a pro-Nazi site nor is it a Revisionist site.  Instead it focuses on the amazing aircraft and missile designs that the Germans came up with during those years.  Most of these designs never made it off the drawing board but are none-the-less fascinating to look at.  One of these days I am going to set up a site which features the advanced designs that the Allies came up with during those years for it was not just the Germans who were clever during those years!  Now that I have a domain of my own, this dream is much closer to becoming a reality!
Internet Modeler This is a web based monthly plastic modeling magazine.  It features reviews of newly released kits and detailed articles about the build-ups of some of those kits.  It also has good "how-to" articles and is a great resource for the plastic model builder.
Aerospace Projects Review The Aerospace Projects Review is a 'zine publication which focuses on some of the more intriguing "might have beens" in the modern aerospace industry.  Scott Lowther who runs the 'zine and site is an engineer in the aerospace industry himself.  So his focus is very much on the technical side.  He has a love for this type of engineering and it really shows.  His subjects are always fascinating and are well worth detailing.  They show the depth of creativity in the engineers who dreamed up the fantastic but never realized machines.  Things like a Mach 4 flying boat that could also become a submarine, or a prototype 600 mile an hour fighter plane designed by the Lockheed company back in 1941 that would have used a jet engine that was also being designed by Lockheed.  Then there is also the detailed examination of the Orion Project.  This was a design for a huge spaceship which was to have used small nuclear detonations as its propulsion.  That sounds unbelievable but it actually is a lot more efficient than the chemical rockets we have today.  A little bit more messy, perhaps.  But then, had we gone the Orion path we most likely would have colonies on Mars by now.

Longhair Stuff
The Men's Long Hair
This is another hyperboard focusing on Longhair.  It is more active than the Gay Longhair board listed above.  However, this is NOT a bi/ gay only site.  The focus is Longhair and not necessarily finding Longhair men to play with. Still though, because of the level of activity on this site, and the amount of Longhair info posted, it is a good resource. It is bi/ gay friendly, just not focused on that.
On Being Longhair Bill Choisser's site.  He has assembled an excellent selection of information about Longhairs.  Thoughts on the whys, and the how's of being a Longhair are well worth reading.  He is also good to meet in person.
The Raj Singh Collection Another page on Bill's site.  This one features the writing of Raj Singh.  He does an excellent job analyzing the discrimination and assumptions about Longhair.  This makes for some very good reading and is a real eye opener even if you are not a Longhair yourself.

Leather/ SM/ Fetish Fun
Clubs & Groups
Club X San Diego Club X is San Diego's pansexual leather/ SM/ fetish educational and social group.  Club X holds monthly socials, workshops and its annual LeatherFest convention.  I was on the board of directors of the National Leather Association - San Diego Chapter when we broke with the NLA and formed our own leather group - Club X.  Since then I have been elected to and servered on several boards of this club.  I've poured my heart and soul into it and have been very pleased that the Club has gone on to do so many great things for San Diego's kinky folk. The Club has had better days and has been through worse ones but it is still here, still vibrant, and still the only leather/ SM/ fetish group in San Diego which serves the needs of _all_ leatherfolk.

LeatherFest THE kinky convention in California!  A weekend long event filled with workshops, play parties, vendors, and fun.  Typically drawing almost a thousand attendees, LeatherFest is one of the largest educational and social leather/ SM/ fetish conventions of its kind in the world.

I have worked on a number of these events.  Five out of the last six in fact.  Up until this most recent one, LeatherFest XI, I was the guy in charge of the workshops.  At LeatherFest XI though, I changed duties to handle registration and let someone else take on the workshop job.

This is a really great event.  Done as a labor of love by a horde of volunteers working their butts off, it really does the job.  LFXI has gone down in the history books as an excellent event for all those who attended it.  The hotel was an awesome place to hold such a big soiree.  The only problem was that we didn't get enough people at the event.  We covered our operating costs but missed on the hotel room occupation rates.  That meant LeatherFest XI was liable for those empty rooms.  That hurt.  A lot.

Thanks to Richard Chatterton though, the hotel's original bill of almost $30,000 got negotiated down to about $7,000.  That was something we were able to pay and get LeatherFest out of debt to the hotel.  Club X has since paid off loans which made this possible.  At present, early '04, Club X has no plans to hold another LeatherFest any time soon.  We'd like to, and it certainly is on the agenda, but we've other things to do first.  But don't write off San Diego's premier fetish event just yet.  We'll be back.  So, keep an eye out and an ear perked for notice.

Thunder In The Mountains A kinky convention in Denver, Colorado.  Very nicely done.  I attended the first one of these back in '98 and have wanted to go back every year since.  Smaller than either LeatherFest or Black Rose it has a much more intimate and relaxed feeling to it.  A very well done event and worth attending.
Leather Leadership Conference The event to attend if you have any political/ organizational aspirations in the leather community.  This is where the organizers and group leaders go to better their craft and network.  I have been to LLC's in SF, DC, and LA.  They are worthwhile events.
Folsom Street Fair This is one of the largest street festivals in all of California and it is one of the largest kinky events as well.  A multi-block long leather/ SM/ fetish celebration.  Worth attending for the eye candy alone.  It is also a great time to party in the City.  I try and make this event every year as it is almost in my back yard.  You can get some idea of what I mean about this event by heading over to my Folsom page.
The International Mr. Leather Contest I have been to several of these events and have had fun at each one.  They are held in Chicago over Memorial Day Weekend. (just remember = Memorial starts with an "M" and so does May - that is how I keep it apart from Labor Day)  Really just an excuse for gay leathermen from across the country and the world to come on out and party, the weekend is filled with all sorts of interesting things to do and very sexy men to do as well.  There is also a leather pageant/ contest to attend as well.

I managed to make it to IML 01 and had a good time while there.  I went back the next year and had an even better time at IML 02.  Returning for IML's 25th Anniversary in '03 I also had a good time but that was due mainly to the woman I roomed with, Julia.  Other than that the whole event seemed rather empty to me.  Too much barebacking and too deep a sense of desperation among the men there for me to make any solid connections.  I'm glad I went but I don't think I'll be back any time soon.  You can read more about my experiences at IML by reading my IML page.

The Tom of Finland Foundation Erotic Art Weekend Eye candy hung on the walls and hung eye candy on foot, it just doesn't get better than this!  Every year in October the Tom of Finland Foundation holds an Erotic Art Weekend.  This event is designed to showcase the talents of erotic artists worldwide.  Some truly wonderful pieces are displayed here and many of them are for sale as well. 

Aside from the great pieces of art at this event, there are also some very fine leatherfolk attending it as well.  Throw in the Weekend's open house and banquet and you have an excellent event to spend a weekend enjoying.

Each year at the banquet the Foundation gives its awards to various artists and those individuals who have done an outstanding job of promoting erotic are and the freedom to enjoy erotic art.  At the 2001 event Larry Flynt received such an award.  It was very interesting for me to actually see this man in person. 

Alt.Sex.Bondage FAQ Originally just the FAQ for the Newsnet group of the same name, it has since grown into a site of its own.  A good resource to start things off with.
Kink Aware Professionals This is a web guide that lists professionals (doctors, lawyers, etc.,.) who are kink-friendly.  This can be extremely helpful if you need specific assistance that is nonjudgmental and/ or cued in to our particular needs.

Contact Sites
Alt.Com I've been on this site, actively, for about half a year now and I've found it pretty worthwhile.  For me here in San Diego, this site is meeting my leather/ SM/ fetish contact needs in the het/bi community pretty well. The main competitor to Alt.Com in het/bi leather community matchmaking business, this site seems to offer more communication options but has fewer members on its rolls.  As such I've only kept up a free level membership on this one. 

Hot Boots A Site for bootlovers and boot fetishists.  This is run as a labor of love by Larry, Bill's partner.  This link will point you to the hyperboard discussion area but there is much more to the site than that.

Art Sites
The Tom of Finland Foundation The TOF is a great outfit that got its start protecting Tom of Finland's artwork from copyright infringement.  It has since expanded to protecting all erotic art forms.  Located in Los Angeles, California, the Foundation holds many events throughout the year.  The biggest of which is their annual Erotic Art Weekend.  I have been to several of these and have always had a great time.  The artwork is fantastic and the eye candy is awesome.

Business Sites
Mr. S Leathers
This store has it all!  And so to does their website.  Great stuff, very inventive, very functional, and their prices reflect the very high quality of their goods.  If you want the best then this is the place to go for it.  They now even have a store aimed specifically at women leatherfolk - Madame S.

Fun Stuff
Schlock Mercenary
An online comic strip that is funny, current, and done with a sci-fi bent.  I've been following this one for a couple of years now and very much enjoy the travails of Tagon and his band of mercenaries as they cavort from one end of the galaxy to the other.
Day By Day
This online comic has more of a current events bent and is decidedly not Democratic Party approved.  Too bad.  The Dems need lampooning just as much as the Reps.  What makes this one so funny is how often it is all too spot on in nailing the Dems.

News & Views Stuff
Yahoo! News Yahoo keeps it basic.  No fancy graphics or high level HTML coding to clutter things up or crash your browser.  This site is a compendium of newsfeed from the majors.  As such its editorialization is at a minimum and its basic new quotient is pretty high. 
Reason Online The Reason Public Policy Institute "fuses theory and practice to craft workable policy changes that foster individual responsibility, choice, and competition. RPPI believes that a dynamic world, conducive to discovery and innovation, is essential to prosperity and human progress."  Reason Online is the web version of the Institute's magazine: Reason.  It is a great place for keen insights in the modern world.  I find it a very refreshing alternative to the doom & gloom, anti-technology, and over-blown crap which passes for news and analysis these days.

Web Based Resources
Live Traffic Reports for San Diego I check this site every day before I leave work.  It features a slick map of the major roadways here in San Diego and imbeds traffic information on it.  This way I can see where the major congestion points are, where the latest accident/ hazards are, and assess which way is the best to get home from work.  A handy tool to have.
Google Maps
If you want to see where you are or where you want to be, Google Maps is now the way to do it.  Since this arrived on the Web I've rarely needed to use MapQuest.  Many is the time, in fact, when I'll find an address link on a site that uses a MapQuest map to display it and I'll take that address and bring it up on Google.  It's that good.
MapQuest One of the many online mapping and driving direction sites.  A very handy tool to use not only to find your way around town but it is also helpful just to locate things in general.  I use this site extensively for just those purposes.  Yahoo also has a mapping site that is equally useful.


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