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The National Leather Association San Diego Chapter
1991 Christmas Party
How to Properly Set a Leather Holiday Party Buffet Table

NLA-SD XMas '91 Holiday Buffet

This was fun.

That is me up there.  Mummified in red plastic "saran wrap," garnished as a buffet, and laid out on a covered pool table as the centerpiece for the XMas Party held by the National Leather Association San Diego Chapter in 1991.

I had a blast doing this.  It was just the second time in my life I had ever been mummified and it was fun.  Not the mummification per se but the whole scene.

There is some nudity here but it is entirely incidental and I thought it would be inappropriate to mask it out.  Proceed at your own risk.


The start of the process.

My, how time flies.  This Fall will mark ten years since I did this.  It doesn't seem like it was yesterday but nor does it seem like it was so long ago.

The three other guys in this photo were all local boys at the time.  Now no longer.  I believe that Rick, on the far left, and Jason, in the middle, have both moved up to SF - along, it seems, with half of everyone else on the planet!  I don't remember the name of the third guy but we all had fun.

A bit more coverage.

Mummification can be a laborious thing.  It takes a while to fully enwrap someone.  You can have fun doing it but it still takes a while.  Rick was the guy orchestrating the process and it really helped to have two men assisting him.

Just a few more layers! Almost done!
As the plastic wrap is so thin it is hard to use too much of it.  It is, however, easy to use too little.  A clear sign of this is if you start popping out and coming undone.
Just about finished wrapping here.  With my feet bound so close together, my arms bound and my eyes covered, I could easily lose my balance and fall over.  That is why I am being steadied here.  That is also one of the things you have to watch out for in doing a mummification scene with just you and your play partner.  Safety always!

Boots 'n whips, whips 'n boots!  Oh my! Getting laid out onto the pool table at Wolf's.  This was done in the front bar.  The NLA-SD was granted exclusive use of the place as this was early on a Sunday afternoon.  So, there was no chance of some stranger walking in off of the street for a cold one only to be shocked (SHOCKED!) by finding this sort of thing going on in a leather bar!

Although I was tightly wrapped we had to take care to fully support my body while they were lifting me into place.  I didn't want to flex around to much and pull the wrapping apart. 

Now the fun begins!

That is Jeanette Heartwood spreading out the sour cream from one of many tubs of the stuff.  I think she went through five or six pounds of it before she had me covered sufficiently.  The sour cream formed the base upon which all the rest of the garnishings were stuck.

It was a good idea to do that or else they would have simply slid off the plastic.  It did, however, eventually have a big effect on my body temperature.  That sour cream was cold!


Cold cuts galore - no salami jokes please! After an hour or two of it all across my torso I was starting to get really chilled. 

Ad this to the general temperature trip that a mummification scene produces in general and I started having a real problem with the cold.

It looked great though!

Yes, that is a bit of XMas pine tree stuck in my mouth.  A "finishing touch" as it were.

Bet you didn't have a centerpiece like that at your company XMas party!

Holiday Spirit! Here is a better view of the XMas tree.

Janette had fun making the arrangement as "pretty and festive" as she could.
Pretty and Festive!

A stationary feast! This was a nice way to celebrate the Holidays in a good kinky fashion.

Surprisingly, not all that many of the guests at the party made use of the buffet items.  I guess they thought it was a non-edible piece of artwork as opposed to a functional piece of artwork.  Oh well.

We all had fun doing it and they had fun looking at it.

I forget how long I was in all this.  It took a good couple of hours to get all wrapped up, positioned, and then fully garnished.  Long enough for me to get chilled to the bone from the cold of the sour cream and long enough for Jeanette to get beside herself with all the fun she was having.  And we did have fun.

Even afterwards.  Well, at least one of us did.  When we were finally done with the buffet it was time to get me out of the mummification.  First all the garnishing had to be scrapped off and then the plastic wrapped peeled off.  No problem with that.  However, when I was still just unwrapped  enough to breathe and warm up but not free enough to really move around, Jason decided to take matters into his own hands.  He crawled atop me and began slithering all over me.  As the plastic wrap was still covered with a layer of cold, slimy sour cream, I too soon became covered with a layer of cold, slimy sour cream!  Yuck!

You ever stick your hand into something slimy and gooey that causes you to instantly regret touching it?  Well that is what my whole body felt like!  Yuck!  He was having a blast and I had to pull myself out of the remnants of the plastic wrap just to get out from under him!  To make matters worse, there was no shower at Wolf's for me to clean off in!  Double yuck!

One day, he'll get his!

I mean it!

Other than that though, it was fun.  It was a unique thing for me to do and I was glad to get the chance.  I know it was something very different for that year's party.  Perhaps this year we will do something similar (with someone else as the centerpiece!) for the Club X Holiday Party.  We will see!


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