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I am available. I am single. I want to play. I want to play with other folks. Not just anybody though. I am picky. Besides the matter of personal taste and personal chemistry, there is also the matter of availability.

I am available. I am also single. Those two usually go together but not always. I know too many folks who are single but unavailable. I also know plenty of folks who aren't single but are still available.  I've no problem with that - so long as the other person involved BOTH KNOWS AND APPROVES of the play.

This bugs me. I will not play with a someone if their partner/ lover/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband (whatever) would not approve. I know that for some people getting that consent would be impossible or very close to it. However, I can not get that intimate with someone knowing that my intimacy with them would harm another person. I just don't do that.

This has been happening so frequently that I have had to put this page up. I hope that it saves everyone involved a lot of time. If you are “otherwise involved” and will not/ can not tell the other person, then I will not play with you, period. I hate to be so emphatic about this but it has become a real problem of late.

What I want to do is too powerful, too emotional, and too intimate for lies. And if you are involved with someone else but don't tell me up front, it will only delay that knowledge coming to the fore and that will make it worse for everyone.

All this being said, I have no problem at all playing with couples. Nor do I have a problem getting to know you and your boyfriend/ lover/ wife/ husband over coffee before you and I go off to play. I have met some folks who have that set up and have had some awesome times as a result. No lies, no hiding, all out and open so that everyone can have fun.

That is, in the end, what it is all about: having fun. It is no fun at all if what I do with another person winds up harming someone else.

If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.  I can be reached
here at:

Until later then,


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This page was last updated on: 25 February 2012