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Who I Am

I'm a single fifty nin year old bisexual man living in Southern California / Los Angeles. 

Just a quick note to clear things up - when I say I'm Bi that means I am out and up front about it.  I am not cheating on anyone as I don't cheat, period.  I don't "cat around," I'm not "on the down low," and I'm "discrete."  When I commit to someone, I commit to them alone.  So, if your experience with Bi men is different then that's their loss for I am not them and they are not me.

I am a laid back, intense, easy going, driven, honest, reliable, committed, independent, and team player sort of guy. I like taking charge unless someone else is around who can do a better job of leading than I.  I've no time for fools but, having been there myself, I can appreciate how anyone can have bad day or two in a row.  I've been around the block a few times now, but I'm happy when I find new things on each lap. I'm quiet and outspoken, serious and fun loving. Orderly and spontaneous. If all this seems paradoxical, you're right. But then, so is life and so am I.

I'm an intelligent guy and proud of what I have accomplished with that.  I was very active in the San Diego leather community through my involvement with Club X San Diego and LeatherFest.  I was one of the founders of Club X and have been involved in the leather/ SM/ fetish scene in general since the mid-1980s.

I got my start back in DC.  I came out in ‘82 and really dove in during the Summer of ‘84 when I was working as a bouncer at Badlands. Considering the general state of safer sex awareness at the time and the number of guys I played with, I am truly amazed that I am not only still HIV Negative - but that I am even alive, period!  I am both though and intend on staying both for some time to come!

I started getting into the leather world by about ‘86 or so and really started going deeper by the following year.  It was also at about that time that I discovered I was bi.  I moved out of DC to Atlanta in ‘89 because I wanted to see more of the world than that which was visible from the within the Beltway.  After about eight months in Atlanta I left for even greener pastures, landing in San Diego in May of ‘90. That is where I have lived for the next quarter century.  It was my place in the sun.

Unfortunately, though it was sun filled it wasn't job filled.  I wound up being "temporarily between employment opportunities" once too often in San Diego.  I tried the "road warrior" routine of doing consultant work in Alabama and in New Mexico but found that I'd no personal life while working on the road like that.  Plus living out of a hotel isn't really much to boast of.  So, on about 2015 I moved up to Los Angeles.  And that's now where I am making my life work.

While I'm good at speaking to groups and can easily handle myself in public places, I would much rather be hangin’ with a few of my friends in private settings.  Back in the early 90’s I had started enjoying the company of a circle of friends that made for some really great times.  We all were close to each other and all enjoyed each others company.  Over the years we have all pretty much gone our separate ways but are still good friends whenever we come across each other.  I would like to reestablish such a close circle again.  Friends to go watch a movie with, friends to go drinking with, friends just to hang with.  You get the idea.


If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.  I can be reached
here at:

Until later then,


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