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What I Am Looking For

I am looking for other quality women and men here in the greater Los Angeles area.  I do travel, but I really want to find some local folk to share the good times with.

I am looking for men and women who are fit, take care of themselves, have a healthy outlook on life, are HIV Negative, and are at least as kinky as I am. 

This rules out those who do drugs, who drink themselves into a stupor and it really leaves out smokers.  This includes cigars.  Seriously, no smokers.

There are a whole lot more things that I'm into then there are those that I'm not but, these few listed here are absolute show stoppers for me.  So, if you're a smoker, aren't fit, have to be buzzed or stoned most of the time, or are POZ, then there will not be a match here.  Sorry.

The folks I want to spend time with, be that a night, a month, a year or the rest of my blissful days, are ones who's age is within a decade or so of mine.  Intelligent folks who can appreciate that in others.  I'm also looking for folks with a good sense of humor - i.e. those who can still laugh at the world's absurdity even while living within it.

Yeah, this may seem like a tall order but hell, if you don't ask it doesn't happen.  I also figure the rewards are worth it!

I'm a versatile guy and a switch who enjoys both bottoming and topping.  Of late though, I've been topping far too much and have become burnt out in that role.  So, I am not looking to top at all now.  Instead, I'm looking for playmates who enjoy the top role themselves.

I'm looking for experienced players.  People who have some good basic knowledge of the scene and of how to get what they want within it.  So I'm not the guy for any novice to turn to for instruction or hand holding as there are plenty of other guys out there who are better at it and really enjoy being the instructor/ mentor/ teacher.

I've got a very active sex drive and, while not horny ALL the time, I'm usually more horny and sexually driven than most.  I would want someone who can keep up with me at least!  I am extremely oral and truly love doing that.  I also love it when I find a someone who can do justice to me.  I am very tactile and very sensuous.  I like going slow about as much as I like going fast.  It all depends upon the person and the moment.

One last thing folks, no picture no deal.  Sorry.  I thought I could get away with not holding to this but it didn't work out.  I need to know what you look like if we are going to start chatting with the idea of eventually hooking up.  If there is no visual chemistry - even from something as limited as an on-line photo - then there is no sense in proceeding.  

Finally, be available. You don't have to be single but don't be looking me up if your partner/ lover/ boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband doesn't KNOW AND APPROVE of it! Read the AVAILABILITY page for more on this.

If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.  I can be reached
here at:

Until later then,


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This page was last updated on: 14 November 2020