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DD-81 Hellfire Destroyer
The Destroyer

I really like this one.

It rates as a "kitbash."

That term generally denotes a model made from bits and pieces of other kits.  This sets it apart from a scratchbuilt model in which just about everything about it is custom and original.  Generally speaking, scratchbuilt models are more difficult to make.  But as you get more involved with kitbash models the line begins to blur as many a scratchbuilt model will use a central shape or form which is taken from some other existing kit or will use bits and pieces from other kits to give it more detail and a more interesting "look."

In any event, this model is a pretty pure kitbash.

It started off as a very small scale model of a Super Guppy.  I built it stock and there it sat.  For a while.  I don't know whether it got broken or damaged such that I had no other use for it but for its parts or whether I got bored with it as a stock Super Guppy and wanted to do something else with it.  In any event, something else is what I did with it.

I also happened to have a 1/144th scale model of a 747 jetliner.  I'm not sure how or why I got that one as I'm not really into jetliner models.  In any event I thought the engine nacelles looked interesting.  One thing led to another and I soon had the wings off of the Super Guppy and the 747 engine nacelles mounted where the wings were but facing backwards.

Oddly enough the result was a rather nifty looking creation.  Especially when I added a couple of tail fins to it.

I then gave the Super Guppy hull some further treatment.  I shaved down the nose so that the Stratocruiser cockpit section was no longer there.  That gave the hull a rather unique long smooth nose.  Then I drilled out some small holes for windows and used some of the side window panes from the 747 kit.  A couple of other minor pieces from the spare parts bin, a coat of black paint, some snazzy decals, and there it was.

Destroyer on a stand and with unbuilt 747 nacelles Here is an image of what the Destroyer actually looks like today.
Those silver and white things there to the right are some extra engine nacelles from the 747 kit.  That is what they looked like when I got the idea to stick them on the Super Guppy fuselage.
Here's a view of the model from the front.  I like how the engines look in combination with the round shape of the fuselage.  Also, given the size of the engines in comparison to the fuselage, this makes those engines look awfully powerful.  Size counts.  Even if it is not always true at least it gives the appearance of being more powerful as it is bigger. From the front

The Model as it looks today

The Destroyer Today

This is the an unedited  view of how the model actually looks today.  It has been through a lot.  Back in the late 80's I had this kit out on my desk when I was living with Diane & Harry.  One day, one of their dogs, Zeus, got jealous of the time Diane & Harry were spending with me.  So he wandered into my room and nudged this model off of the desk and he began chewing on it.  Zeus was a rather large Great Dane and he was also spoiled rotten.  By the time I had gotten to him he had chewed off the tail fins and left some gouge marks on one of the nacelles.  My little Destroyer model has been like this ever since.  Over the years I think I managed to lose the tail fins, although they might still be stuffed inside one of the many boxes of model kits and stuff that I've yet to go through.  My goal here is to refinish this model into its original form and perhaps even to make a true scratchbuilt version of it.  I like the concept and look that much.  

As was usually the case when I made some kitbash or scratchbuilt creation I would then extend the creativty process by creating all sorts of details about my creation.  Sometimes this meant sketching out the interior layout of the design.  Sometimes it meant coming up with a set of technical specifications for it.  I did both here.  I worked up a set of specifications for this spacecraft.  Now it officially became the United States Space Navy ship DD-81 Hellfire.  With that settled I then began doodling enhancements for it.  Just the perfect thing to come up with during some boring meetings at work.  As such, my notepads from work are filled with all sorts of doodles and imagination exercises.

As my model making skill improves I'm sure to put at least some of those doodles into real, physical creations.

When I do all that you can be sure that I'll post it all here.

If you would like to know more about me, then ask me directly.  Just click on my email address here:
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In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed your "stay" at this site.  Check back again to see what new images I have added.  Until then, stay well, play hard, play safe, and have fun!


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In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed your "stay" at this site.  Check back again to see what new images I have added.  Until then, stay well, play hard, play safe, and have fun!