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My Models

Plastic models.

I have long had an interest in making models.  Airplanes, spacecraft, armor and military vehicles were it for me.  As a kid I'd make my plastic models and then play with them as toys.  As I got a bit older I began appreciating the whole thing as making scale replicas that were not just toys.

Making models appeals to me on many levels.  It is creative, it is detailed, it can benefit from extensive research and historical knowledge.  It can also be exacting.  Making a model was a fun way for me to spend time as a kid.  Now, as an adult, I am once again looking for it to be a fun way to spend time.  That and keep me from ruining my eyesight by staring at a computer screen too many hours out of the day!

My interest in plastic model making was piqued by my stumbling across a really interesting Website, Starship Modeler.  As the name implies, the folks who set that site up and who make use of it, are very much interested in science fiction and spaceship models.  There are your usual assortment of Star Trek and Star Wars model fans there.  There are also fans of other series, fans of science fiction books, and fans of scratchbuilt/ kitbashed creations.  A lot to choose from.  I was hooked from the first time I went through that site some several years ago.

As I find the time to make the time to make my models, I will be detailing them with as many photographs as I care to.  Having a digital camera really helps in this regard.  So, you can expect this section to grow over time as I featured my latest pet project and my latest creations.

After asking about it in the Starship Modeler's Discussion Forum, I got a good recommendation for a local hobby store here in San Diego County.  Hobby HQ was the place and it is out in the Santee part of San Diego County.  Not as local as I would like it but it was the best one by far that I've found anywhere near where I lived.  Andy ran that little hobby shop, tucked right next to CA 67 and hyst down the street from Gillespie Field airport.  Andy was  very helpful in giving me good tips and recommendations of his own as I get back in to this hobby.  A couple years in and Andy sold his store to Phillip.  It soon became Phillip's Hobbies and he moved it to a new location a few miles away in El Cajon.  It remained there for several more years before he moved it again, up to Lakeside this time.  Alas, Phillip eventually packed up his store after a good long run.  In the meantime, Andy had opened his a new store after moving to Arizona and now even has his own YouTube channel: Andy's Hobby Headquarters.

In the years since I've wound up doing most of my model purchasing online.  eBay, mostly.  And of late I've found a Facebook group where its members sell and auction kits and model related goods.  No eBay fees involved!

If you would like to know more about me, then ask me directly.  Just click on my email address here:
email me

In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed your "stay" at this site.  Check back again to see what new images I have added.  Until then, stay well, play hard, play safe, and have fun!


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In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed your "stay" at this site.  Check back again to see what new images I have added.  Until then, stay well, play hard, play safe, and have fun!