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Hey there!

Welcome to Madoc's place on the Web. 

Not my first place by any means, for I have been creating webpages for several years now.  This time though, it is MY place.  Yup, I've now got my very own domain.  And it's a domain wrapped around my own name!  I found it available, then went out and bought the place.  I did have this hosted at one place for many a year but then they decided to do the "cloud" thing and that just wasn't it for me.  I now have it hosted on and am quite happy with the new service.

This site serves many uses for me.  There are a lot of different things available here.  Not only does this site feature pictures of me, my life and my travels, it is also be a place where I can post my thoughts, express my desires, and show off my creativity.  I like making things and I like playing around on the computer.  This site allows me to highlight this.  So, expect the unexpected.

This is also intended on being an adult's site.  I am not aiming this at kids nor am I going to restrict what I put up here lest someone of a delicate constitution be offended.  Sorry, that doesn't mean there will be porn here!  If you are looking for that then there are plenty of other places on the Net to find it.

Instead, I am going to be frank and explicit when and where it is suitable.  Nothing crass but nothing hidden either.  That would defeat the purpose of this site.

I've a lot of plans for this site and am looking forward to playing with it over time.  So, check back soon!  In the meantime, drop me a line at my new address:

Until then,



Change is good.  Change or die!

Change is good.  Change or die.

October 2023

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