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I am really enjoying this site.  It is my new toy.  So I am constantly tinkering with it.  Right now things have gotten to the point where I am pretty satisfied with the "look & feel" of the place.  As a result I will most likely not be changing everything here all at once.  What I will be doing is adding to it.  Hence this page.

10 November 2023Finally plowed through the rest of updating my 2022 entries.  A good year, overall.  And I'm thankful for that.
24 October 2023Things have changed a bit about me so I updated the About Me sub-pages.  And I updated my Friends page.  Sadly, to note who else has "moved on" since the last update to it.
06 September 2022San Diego Comic-Con 2022 is now up!  This went faster than expected as I simplified the layout and made use of the content I'd already worked up when I posted these images on Facebook.  That, happened shortly after the Con.  So, this one happened right quick!
05 September 2022After almost  forty years I once again did some Cosplay.  This time it was at the San Diego Comic-Con and I was cosplaying the "Captain America: The First Avenger" Bucky Rescue Mission Costume.  It was an involved process getting all the elements of the costume together in time I had an absolute blast wearing it all down there in San Diego.

So, I worked up a page detailing the cosplay effort I took.  I detailed each item of the costume and what was involved in setting it all up properly for the cosplay.  This included dyeing fabric to get it to the right color and painting up Cap's shield and helmet.  Involved but fun!  It's all now on my Cosplay page.  I'll next create a "Comic Convention" page to feature the various Cons I go to these days now that the Covidiocy is finally ebbing.
31 July 2022Finally got 'round to putting together my 2021 write-up and photos.  2021 was not a good year for me, all told.  But, it ended on an up-note so that's definitely a good thing.  I also updated my Leathers page a bit too.
01 March 2021Decided to put together a page specifically about me and my leathers - and about me in my leathers.  I'm more active on various online dating "apps" and keep getting asked "got any pics?"  Well, most of those apps limit how many you can put up.  So, I created a new page here that's all and only about my Leathers.  So, this should answer that need!
02 January 2021Hit the New Year running by having 2020's update in the bag and uploaded almost as soon as that year had ended.
13 November 2020Got the itch once I realized I'd not gotten 2019's entry entered.  Well, now I have.  Behold, 2019!

Plus, I decided it was time to update my RAV4 page with the latest goings on that have gone on with my slick ride.
29 September 2019It's Folsom Weekend and yet I'm nowhere near Folsom.  And that pains me.  Not because I couldn't go this year but because I no longer view the Folsom Street Fair as being worth going to.  There's been too many Folsom Changes to make it worth enduring for what's left of it.

And as I was already mulling over Folsom I decided to update my Folsom page with its entry for 2018.  I did have a good time there last year - but I had to extract that good time and having to work that hard to have fun really puts a damper on wanting to repeat the process.
10 September 2019Wow.  A full year later and I've just only now finished off 2018's entry.  Yeah, I've had other stuff going on.  But, at least it's done now.  I had fun at Wondercon, and at my friend, Sharon's, birthday party, and taking in the MiG presentation at the Planes of Fame Living History Day.  Ann and I enjoyed taking in the Reagan Library.  Folsom 2018 left a sour taste in my mouth.  I ran across a bunch of dopers.  Enjoyed the Cold War Museum.  Made excellent progress on my four poster bed frame.  And wrapped the year up with another great visit from Mom over the XMas Shut Down.
03 September 2018Started my update of what's happening in 2018. First up is the Gig that I had Back East in late June.  Next is a write up of my work in restoring The Desk - the big old Federal Desk desktop I've lugged around with me from when I first got it back in the 1980s in Washington, DC.  The content - and the effort - about that project was enough to warrant making it its own page as well.  So I now have a new installment in my Projects section!  I even caught up with Road's End of my trusty Ranger and its replacement with my RAV4.
19 March 20182017 is now up as well.  I'm now caught up!  
16 March 2018My 2016 entries are now online.  I've also created a new page for my new wheels - a 2015 RAV4 XLE.
13 March 20182014 is now up and online.  Surprisingly, I didn't have any of the photos I took on my trip to Glacier National Park with Ann.  At least none on my hard drive.  I had to resort to grabbing them from Facebook to have something to show for that wonderful trip.
And while I was at it I also composed 2015's entry and got 2016's started as well.
12 March 2018I updated the 2012 section with my visits to the Trinity Site and then to the VLA.
11 March 2018And now 2013 is up.  2012 was a good year but 2013 was an even betterer year!
08 March 2018Often one update leads to another.  So I've now composed an entry of what went on in 2012 for me.  2012 was actually a pretty damn good year for me, all in all.
07 March 2018The Road's End.  Well, that didn't go as planned.  But, I did get to find out just how the airbag in my truck's steering wheel worked!  I also took the time to add my experiences at Folsom 2017 to my Folsom! page.
20 October 2017Fresh back from enjoying the Los Angeles premier of the new Tom of Finland Movie.  It's an excellent film that tells our story well!
15 October 2017I'm slowly grinding away at catching up.  Today I finished up my entries for 2010.  It was, all in all, a year better than the one which preceded it.  Thankfully.
09 August 2017Updated the Folsom page to fill in the missing years.  That now covers Folsom 2009, Folsom 2010, and Folsom 2011.
05 June 2017Wow!  Almost five years since I last updated things here!  And ten years since I did an update that was in June!  Well, at least this site is still around to update!

Lots has changed in the past five (almost) years.  I finished things up in Albuquerque after a two year run at that job.  I spent some time "on the bench" looking for more work and then wound up landing gigs at SpaceX up in Hawthorne, California.  I used the later of the two gigs there to leverage myself up to the LA area and away from San Diego.  Twenty five years in America's Finest City™ was a good stretch of time.  But the jobs were too few and far between in that town - hence my being out on the road so much.  

My plan was to find gainful work gainfully in the El Segundo area as that's where lots of the aerospace companies still are.  And, I've succeeded!  I'm now living up in the LA and working exactly in the part of it I'd sought to.  Yay me!

Along the way I also purchased a new desktop machine as my previous one was getting rather long in tooth.  That meant a buncha new software with too little of it being what I was used to.  So, I'd no time nor familiarity with things to get back into keeping this site updated.  It's been a year now at the job and I've finally sat down to make the time.  So, here's the first of my updates.  I'm going through page by page and among the first to get "the treatment" was among the first alphabetically - my Folsom Street Fair page.  I'd not updated it since my 2012 trip up there.  Well, I've remedied that.  I added sections for Folsom 2013, Folsom 2015, and for last year's Folsom 2016.

I'll be to working through the rest of the site and updating things now as I'm able.  As you might guess, there's been a lot that's gone on since 2012!
04 October 2012 Folsom 2012 was a blast.  I really enjoyed myself this year AND I've also found the time to work up and post some photos from this year's event.  I'm now in a mood - and have damn all else to do once back in my hotel room here in the Duke City - to do some site updating.  The pics for Folsom 2009, 2010, and 2011 however, are on my computer back in San Diego so that'll have to wait.  In the meantime, there's this year's soiree to enjoy.
30 January 2012 I prefer to stay current.  So, I updated my profile / headshot pic.  I mean, it's only been six years since I did that!
01 January 2012 Just saw Mom off to her flight Back East.  We'd an excellent week together and finished it off by greeting the dawn of the New Year atop Mt. Soledad.
12 December 2011 Had the itch tonight, so I did some brief updating.  Put up a couple of pics from my stay in Yosemite Valley from this past March.  And I also can say that I have bunnied up at least once in my life now.
15 April 2011 Guy was the keynote speaker at this year's Leather Leadership Conference and his remarks were as timely, insightful, and intense as ever.  His address is now up on the website and I've put a copy of it here on my site as well.  "Herd Any Cats Lately?" is well worth the read and Guy nails quite a few problems and challenges we face in the leather community.  I was fortunate to hear him deliver this one firsthand.
04 January 2011 During the time I was out in Aurora, Colorado I got to do some interesting things.  One of which was to go on a flight in a World War Two B-25H Mitchell medium bomber!
04 January 2011 And the National Park excursions keep comin!  This time it was a quick jaunt through Yosemite.  Brief as it was, it was also some kinda awesome!
02 August 2010 Zion.  As in Zion National Park in Utah.  Ann and I took in a weekend there in July.  There was plenty of awesome awesomeness to enjoy!  I wound up taking over four hundred photos over those two days and now have some of them up on the new Zion page.
01 January 2010 What a difference two years makes.  On New Year's Day I awoke and brought my love, Ann, along with my Mom out to the top of Mt. Soledad to feel the light of 2010's first Dawn upon us.

Later in the day I also updated my site with the pictures we took when the three of us made a run out to the Del to take in "Xmas on the Beach."  I did this with Mom four years ago.  The ice skating rink is still there.  As is the Moo Time as well.

In the evening I dropped in another update.  This one noted the fun that we had at the "LA Ponies & Critters" Fox Hunt that Ann set up back in November.  This was held up in the Los Padres National Forest and was a very nice excursion for all of us.
12 August 2009 Time for another update.  The past five months since my last site update have not been idle ones for me.  And now my site reflects this as I've uploaded a pretty damn big update of goings on over on the My Pictures page.  Have digesting it all!
14 March 2009 A friend noted that a couple of the sections here on my site haven't been updated in a while.  So, I'm starting to take care of that.  First up has been my Current Reading List.  It's not complete, but I've at least started adding more of what I've lately been reading.  I also updated my Kilts! page to reflect the changes and additions there.  Plus, I've added the two movies I've seen thus far this year to my Movies page.
01 March 2009 Updated my Friends page.  Nothing major, just some changes in status, the deletion of a couple of folks who were my friends but now are not - the wankers!
26 February 2009 A big update this time around.  Since my last gig at Raytheon El Segundo wound down I've had some time on my hands.  So, put some of that use and updated My Pictures with what I've been up over the past year or so.  This includes a section about the six months or so I was in Huntsville, Alabama, the trip I took to attend DragonCon in Atlanta, my attending both DomCon - LA and DomCon - Atlanta, my trip to SF to spend the weekend with Simone, the weekend I spent in Louisville attending Wonderfest, and my heading off to DC for Black Rose.
01 January 2009
Happy New Year and all that!  No early morning to see the dawn for me this time.  Instead, the bulk of my site effort today has been to... wait for it... update my Movie List!  Yes, that's right, I've updated the list of movies that I've seen and of what I think about them.  Thrilling, eh!
05 October 2008 Hot damn!  Mark Chester's Photos from Folsom arrived today and I've just finished posting them on my Folsom page.  I'm rather stoked at how well they turned out.  Go see for yourself:  Mark Chester's Folsom Photos.
02 October 2008 Well damn!  It has been a while since last I updated this site.  That's what happens when you start blogging and when you change jobs and when you wind up working your very first consulting gig out of state.  Okay, with that out of the way, I do have an update:  My latest excursion up to Sodom-By-The-Sea for this year's Folsom.
17 April 2008 I was up in SF for this year's Leather Leadership Conference and I've both some thoughts about it and a few images to share of my time in SF as well.
30 March 2008 It's been a while but I finally decided to set some things right and strike a balance that had long been left unstruck.  Thus, I added a "Women I Find Attractive" page to balance out the "Men I Find Attractive" one which I started with this site so long ago.  I also added a page which attempts to define what I define as Attraction.
16 March 2008 I recently attended a dinner where Larry Townsend was the keynote speaker for the event.  There was some things of interest therein.  Larry Townsend Keynote 2008.
01 January 2008 I decided to get up early enough to great the Dawn of the New Year with my own eyes.  So, at 06:51 Pacific Standard Time, I was sitting atop Mt. Soledad to watch the Sun crest the peaks to the east and thus start the first day of this New Year.  I even took some pictures to!  Dawn 2008.

I also decided to create a page to show the photos I and my Mom took on our trip up to LA to see the Walt Disney Concert Hall and the Grand Avenue MOCA.

And since I was on a website updating roll today, I've also put up a page about my dog; Buddy.

That plus updating my Index page photo rounds out the site work for this first day of 2008.
26 August 2007 This year's IPMS Nationals were held up in Anaheim so I went up there to have a look.  While there, i took a few photos.  Here's the results: IPMS Nationals 2007
12 July 2007 Gee, what fun!  I just had my gallbladder removed.  Lucky me!  Read all about it on my Gallbladder! page.  With pictures!
20 June 2007 Updated my Septoplasty page, correcting some typos and noting the passage of years since I underwent that surgery.  I also set up a new page: Global Warming Is Just Hot Air, to list all the links and information I'm finding which refute the whole Anthropogenic Global Warming theory.
28 May 2007 A sunny day here in San Diego.  This, combined with fully charged camera batteries and a freshly assembled and glued "Airfield Tarmac" base w/ sky blue backdrop, allowed me to finally take those long put off "beauty shots" of my Blue Angels Sea Fury kit.  This then completes my Blue Angels Sea Fury page.  I also took some "family photos" of the other kits I've finished and have set up a new page, the Flightline, to feature them and similar ones in the future.
20 May 2007 Another update on my Models page.  This time I brought the page for the Sea Fury I did as a Blue Angles aircraft.  The build was done back in '05 but I just didn't have the time to work up the page and such.  Now I have so there it is, my Blue Angels Sea Fury
06 May 2007 Updated my Models page and the On The Bench page as well.
05 May 2007 Updated My Pictures & Travel page with some passings.  The year didn't start off well in that regard.  In the span of but a few weeks three of my longterm friends lost their partners.  pluG was a man who made my friend Roadkill happy.  Jeff Burnam was Boss' life partner and a good friend of mine.  Another good friend was Scott Greene he was David Janisch's life partner.  The first few weeks of this year were notably sad at the loss of these men and at the pain felt by their partners still here.
04 May 2007 Took some time to catch things up on the main page.  Now there's rainbows, a Sherman tank, a new dog, and even a set of new brakes now on that page.
02 May 2007 Updated the Current Movie List page with what I've recently seen in theaters.
30 April 2007 Yeah, it's been a while.  I'll be doing more catching up as the time allows.  For now though, I've updated what progress I made on my latest model kit, the Special Hobby Blohm Und Voss P.211.
03 September 2006 Julia's brithday was in August and some friends of ours, Brian and Jeff, thought it'd be a great way to celebrate it by taking her to Disneyland.  She'd never been to Walt's first place.  Well, now she has.  I took a few pictures of that excursion and so too did another friend of ours, Buster, who joined us for our trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.
16 May 2006 I just completed another model!  This time it's a kit of a 1930's vintage French fighter plane moulded by the Heller company in 1/72 scale.  My write-up of the Dewoitine D.510 build is now complete and online!
3 April 2006 I've taken the time to update both the list of movies I've recently seen and the books I've recently read.  It's been since November that I last noted any new films.  It's been two years since I last updated my reading list page!  So, check 'em out!  My Current Movie List and Current Reading List.
19 March 2006 Well, I took some time today to do some online catching up.  I updated the My Pictures page with some photos from when my mom came out here to San Diego over Xmas '05.  I also updated the page with what's become of the house we used to live in back on Benton Place.  To round things out, I also updated the On The Bench page with what my new model bench set up is at the new digs as well as what my next model project is as well.
18 February 2006 Change is good.  Change or Die!  So, I changed.  Drop on by My Pictures to see.
18 October 2005 I took some time and did some catching up here online.  Toby, Julia's eldest came out in August to see us.  It was nice to have him out here and his smiling mug now graces the top of the "My Photos & Travels" page.  I also updated my Folsom page with the pics from the last two jaunts up there.  And there's more new stuff on Luna's page as she's always so damn photogenic!  While I've not been doing much general site updating I have been adding to the Current Movie List page as we keep on seeing new films.  That'll do it for us for now.
22 May 2005 We just got a dog!  Her name is Luna and she's all of eleven weeks old!  She's damn cute and quite photogenic.  Hell, she even has her own page!  Luna
17 April 2005 Cross Country!  Finally, after eight and a half months since the event, I've just now posted a page about the trip.  Back in August of '04 I went to Oklahoma City by plane but came back by Ryder truck.  I went there to help Julia load up and drive her life out here to me in San Diego.  It was the longest road trip I'd ever taken and it was an adventure for me.  Now you can look things over about it on the Cross Country page.
16 April 2005 TamiyaCon '05!  I just attended my first one of these and I had fun.  I went on Saturday and missed most of the models that show up on Sunday.  I'll remember that for next year.  I did take a bunch of pictures though and the first fruits of that are the ones I shot of the M-5 Stuart Light Tank which was on display outside the Tamiya North America HQ building.  I'll add details about the vehicle to this page as I get them.  I'll also be adding a TamiyaCon page as well.
23 March 2005 I've added another page to the My Models section.  This one, On The Bench, will be where I put info about my latest projects as they progress.  Right now the "hottest" thing I've got going is the finishing of the Monogram P-51B kit that has languished on my workbench for some time now.
09 March 2005
Yee ha!  I've done another one!  Yup, I just completed my second OOB (Out Of the Box) model kit and I think it came out rather well.  This time it's a model of a F8F Bearcat fighter plane made by Grumman back in WWII.  Check it out over in the My Models section.
28 January 2005 More housekeeping.  I've decided to change around some of my pages here.  In some cases this has just been confined to the verbage on the particular page.  In others it has meant their deletion or their relinking within the site.  Nothing major, just a reflection of the changes that have gone on elsewhere in my life.
26 January 2005 Well, it took a tad longer than I'd planned, but it is now finally done.  My Airfix F-80C Shooting Star is finally complete!  Just head on over to its page in the My Models section to see what I'm referring to.  Although it didn't come out as perfectly as I'd hoped, it did come out rather nicely all in all.
20 January 2005 I've been watching a lot of movies of late.  Julia and I like to do that so we've been hitting the theaters almost once a week now for some time.  Recently we've discovered the joys of the Blockbuster 's Movie Pass™ deal.  So, we're now on a roll catching up with all the flics we missed over the passed couple of years.  With this in mind, I've put up a new page which lists the most recent films we've seen, be they in the theater or on DVD.  I've also put a little personal commentary on each one as well.  This Current Movie List is now up off of my Opinions page.
14 January 2005
Just a quick update tonight.  Going through the links in the My Models pages I noticed some of them were out of date.  Now they're not.
19 December 2004 Things have settled down enough, and have cleared up enough, that I've decided to get back into making another model.  Last month I finally managed to get my model workbench cleared off and now that I have the space available again, I've decided to start work on a relatively simple kit, an Airfix F-80C Shooting Star.  I've set up a page for it and will be updating it as frequently as I work on it.  I'm hoping to get this little kit done within this month!
6 October 2004 Change is good, change or die.  With that in mind, I must have been doing a lot of living lately as there's been a whole lotta changes 'round here!  Chief among these is Julia.  My Julia.  I'm no longer a single guy.  Julia moved in with me at the start of August and we've been charting our path together since then.  She and I have been seeing each other for a couple of years already and had committed to each other earlier in the year but the moving in bit was the real change for us both.

With this in mind, it is high time I update my site to reflect my "change in status" and that I am no longer looking for anyone else as I've found my love in her.  So, I've made some adjustments to this site as its "search" function is no longer necessary!
26 September 2004 Well, that five months sure passed quickly!  Not much of an update today.  Just some minor house keeping.  I've had a guestbook up to serve as a place where folks who've read my Changes essay could leave their comments about it.  While some folks did do that, most of the entries were being made by spammers.  I think that's among the lowest form of spam but spammers are pretty low to begin with.  For several months I tried to deal with it by simply editing out the spam entries.  I even thought to rename the files that ran the guestbook as many of the spam entries were done by automatic spam bots.  But doing that, aside from being a pain, would also not solve the problem entirely.  Had there been more entires by real people and had those entries been more often, then perhaps I would've put up with the spam.  But that is not the case.  So, to solve this pain in the butt, I've simply excised the update function.  The original comments are still there but now there'll be no more new ones on the Changes Comments Log.
26 April 2004 Guy Baldwin recently presented a paper at the Los Angeles Leather Weekend.  Titled "Radsex Rising Tide Turbo Pervo Tonic," it is yet another of his essays which makes you think and is well worth examining.  I asked and Guy has once again given me permission to post his words on my site.  Read on!
14 April 2004 Another day, another update.  Being unemployed can do this to a guy.  Today's update brings forth some of the photos I took at the Salk Institute while my mom was out here in March.  This is a rather stunning bit of architecture and I enjoyed our little trip over to see it.  It's all up on the My Photo Album and Travelog page.
13 April 2004 With some time on my hands since I got laid off at SAIC, I've decided to update my Reading List page.  Since I last updated it I've certainly read more than these few new books that I've just listed.  But, these'll do for now.
12 April 2004 The second weekend of April saw the first Gaylaxicon to happen out here on the West Coast.  As this also happened here in America's Finest City(tm) I simply had to go check it out.  My thoughts and photos of it are now on the My Photo Album and Travelog page.
08 April 2004 At April's start I was in Oklahoma City to see my Julia.  I didn't take a whole lot of photos but I did take some.  And now they're up on My Photo Album and Travelog.
06 April 2004 My mom came out to see me last month and while she was here she took me to see the latest Cirque de Soleil show, Varekai.  It was extremely impressive and well worth it.  I just scanned in my ticket and some of the confetti they rained down on us at the show's end.  That and a brief write-up of my thoughts about the entertainment spectacular I just witnessed now makes up the latest update to the My Photo Album and Travelog page.
31 March 2004 I've actually been doing a bit of writing over the past few months and have now decided to put up some of my tales.  You can find all this over on the new My Writings page.
06 February 2004 Just a bit of link checking and updating.  It's amazing how fast some links will go out of date and or disappear.  But things should be better now.  Really.
05 February 2004
Well, it's been just over a year now since I lost my friend, Richard, and I found myself in a bit of an introspective mood over this.  So, I've put some of that to words and updated Richard's page with those thoughts.  I've also updated the Links page to make it a tad easier to navigate.
30 January 2004 Thanks to some quick Trouble Ticket resolution work by John (a Bionic Robo-tentacle) who works on the Laughing Squid Help Desk, the Changes Comments log is now back in business.  A couple of months ago it picked up a rather asinine comment which I promptly deleted.  In the process of that it rendered the page inoperative.  Only recently have I gotten around to getting around to that.  Now it's up and running again!  Thanks John!
19 January 2004 More housekeeping.  I went through and updated my Links page.  Among other things, I added links to Alt.Com and Bondage.Com as those sites reflect my current interests.  I also found that GeoCities finally got tired of the inactivity of my first website.  So, they deleted it.  Oh well, now it's not even a placemarker.
18 January 2004 Some minor housecleaning today.  I decided to streamline the My Pictures page so as to consolidate it a bit.  So, I moved some sections off of it and onto their own page (Angelina Jolie's Nose Hairs got that treatment), some sections got lumped in with their existing content (see the Kilts page) and some stuff simply got deleted, period.  I didn't figure I needed to have call outs for IML '01 and IML '02 nor Folsom '01 & '02 when I call outs for IML '03 and Folsom '03 on the same page.  Like I said, nothing major, just some housecleaning on this bright and sunny January's day.
13 January 2004 A bit of levity to mark this new Winter.  Calvin and Hobbes was always a favorite of mine and his views on snowmen proved this.  So, I thought to put some of that up here on my site.  You to can see this by heading over to my Calvin and Hobbes page.
12 January 2004 The USS Midway is now here in San Diego and is undergoing renovations so it can continue to serve the nation.  This time as a floating museum.  As work is being done on her she is docked alongside the Navy Pier in San Diego Bay.  I took a few photos of this fine ship and have started a page for her.  The USS Midway (CVB-41).
06 January 2004 The New Year is here!  Hail the New Year!  My celebrations of this change were spent with good friends.  Some of that New Year celebrating took place as the year became new.  Some of it took place days later.  And a picture of some of the results of that celebrating took place a day after that.  But, took place it all did and I'm a happy guy for it.
26 October 2003 What an odd day.  At least here in San Diego it is and especially for those of us here in San Diego who are to the south and west of the brush fire which broke out in the early morning hours here.  I awoke this morning to find the sky in an almost surreal state, all due to the fire being less than ten miles away from my house.  Heading out to the edge of the mesa I live on I could even see the flames themselves as they burned through the thousands of acres.  All off in the distance but all far too close for my comfort.  I went back to that point later and took these photos.  The San Diego Brush Fire 26 October 2003.
03 October 2003 Folsom '03.  It's over, said, and done.  I was there.  Again.  I took some photos while I was there.  Again.  I don't have all of those photos up, yet, but I will.  In the meantime, I've started with some of them.  Folsom '03 is the new section on My Photos & Travels page.
31 August 2003 Just had a wild hair and decided to go through my Links page to make sure all was well.  It wasn't but now it is.
21 August 2003 This past weekend was a good one for aviation buffs like me. It was the 75th Anniversary of Lindbergh Field and as part of that celebration the world's only replica of the Spirit of St. Louis was flown in to enjoy pride of place at the festivities. I was down there too and I got a whole bunch of pictures of this remarkable aircraft and have put them up on a new page on my site: The Spirit of St. Louis It's over in the Planes and Stuff section so fly on over and have a look!
19 August 2003 Barebacking, Gifting, Bug Chasing, and The Cocktail are all terms which have become part of modern gay culture.  While it is obvious that the gay community has been fighting HIV/ AIDS, fighting the Plague, and while it is just as obvious that this fight has had its affect on the community, what has not been so obvious is what affect our recent "success" in this fight has been.  We now seem to have embraced AIDS and are no longer fighting it.  I've tried expressing this in my own words via my Barebacking and Changes essays, and now I've found that Harvey Fierstein has expressed these sentiments in his words as well.  His essay, The Culture of Disease, recently appeared in the New York Times and I'm very glad to have gotten a hold of it and been able to put that up here on my site.  As usual, Harvey cuts to the quick and what he has to say is well worth hearing.
12 August 2003 At last year's LLC-LA, Guy Baldwin shared his thoughts with us on the Leather Restoration with his "Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburger" presentation.  Back in March of this year, Guy followed that up with another excellent presentation: "Stewards of Magic."  Both of Guy's works provide an excellent insight as to the state of our leather community and are excellent ideas of what needs be done.
10 August 2003 Nothing major, just a couple of recent photos I decided to put up.  One of me all fetished-up at a Club X Social and the other of me in more casual attire at the recent SD Pride.  Both shots are over in the My Photos & Travels section.
07 July 2003 A bit of urban absurdity struck me the other day so I just had to comment on it.  Now I've gotten the pictures up of Angelina Jolie's Nose Hairs.
30 June 2003 Interactivity is what it's all about and now my site has gotten with the times.  At least when those times call for being interactive.  No, this doesn't mean I now have some Flash animated game up here.  Instead, this relates to the Changes essay I just linked up.  I figured that this essay might generate some comments, so, I ginned up a Changes Comments Log and that is now live and running here on my site.  I didn't do this alone, of course, as I turned to Bill for help in getting through the details of making a Perl script work through a website.  Thanks Bill!
29 June 2003 Some things have been bothering me for some time now.  I've felt increasingly alienated from the community I started out being in and now I no longer see a place left there for me.  I've thought quite a bit about this and those thoughts have torn at me deeply.  Now I've put word to those thoughts and put those words on a page here on my site.  This is about AIDS and how it has changed the gay community into something I no longer feel a part of.  That hurts me, it saddens me, and it has depressed me.  I wish this weren't so but these are the Changes I've written about.
23 June 2003 Tied off a few things and updated the My Photos & Travels page with the new info from my recent IML trip and a recent updating to Richard Chatterton's page.  Allyson was one of Richard Chatterton's friends and she also spoke at his service.  She has now sent me a copy of the prose which she shared with us there and it is something I thought was very fitting so I'm sharing on Richard's page as well.
21 June 2003 IML 25 is now officially part of history.  This year I was there again, my third time in a row and fifth over all.  I've gone through my photos from this year's event and worked up an update with them to my IML page.  I had fun at the event this year but I think it's going to be my last IML for some time to come if not ever.
04 June 2003 It's been a while.  Not that I've been inactive during the time since my last update or that I had nothing to post it's just that I've been too busy to post some things and others I wanted to wait on.  The latest entry in the My Models section, the Lockheed P-65 Lightning, is proof of that.  This is the first plastic model kit in over twenty years that I have taken from start to finish.  A contest run by the folks over at the Starship Modeler site inspired this effort.  I finished the kit in time to meet the contest's submissions deadline (with but three minutes to spare!) but thought it wiser to wait until the judging was finished before I posted word of my creation here.  Well, the contest is over - so now the story can be told!
06 March 2003 Some housekeeping duties taken care of today.  I've just gone through and verified all the links within my site.  Now all the photos should come up properly and all the page titles and email links should also be correct.  We'll see.  I'll now begin redirecting my old site.
05 March 2003 My first update!  I wish it were something less somber but that isn't what it's about.  This week a friend of mine has gone off to war.  She is part of the crew of the USS Nimitz and that carrier, along with the rest of its battlegroup, deployed off to the Persian Gulf region.  If there's a war to be fought then the Nimitz will be in the thick of it.  This seems so strange and almost unreal.  Especially as Beth is the first female friend of mine to head off to war.  I've a few thoughts about this which I've put down on the My Photos & Travels page as they were all spurred by Beth's having sent me a photo of her in her CBR gas mask while aboard the ship.  Have a look for yourselves.
27 February 2003 Today is the day this site went "live."  It may be a few days before I begin listing it as my primary but today I did shift over a large amount of files so I consider today to be its start date.


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