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Calvin & Hobbes

Damn!  I love this little guy!  There was always something about Calvin that just... spoke to me.  Perhaps it was how put upon he always was.  Perhaps it was how vivid his imagination was.  Perhaps it was his worldly world view.  Perhaps it was his wonderfully twisted sense of humor...

In any event, I related to the little guy and deeply missed my daily dose of Calvin when Bill Watterson called it quits at the end of 1995 and thereby ended any new inkings of the good young master Calvin and his pet tiger, Hobbes.  You can read up on this wonderful comic strip by heading over to the Calvin and Hobbes at Martijn's site.  Martijn is a major fan of Calvin and his site is truly a labor of love.

What spurred me to work up this page was a series of C&H comic strips that a friend of mine recently sent me.  It turns out that Larry (of fame) also shares my joy of Calvin.  The strips he forwarded to me reminded me of just why I like that blond haired little terror so much.

So, I decided to repost them here.  These strips are the copyrighted property of Bill Watterson and I'm listing them here just to share their joy and not turn any profit over them.  I'd highly recommend that you go out and pick up one of the various Calvin and Hobbes books so that you too can more fully share the joy that is Calvin.




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