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Angelina Jolie's Nose Hairs

Billboards can be dangerous things.  I was struck by this realization - and luckily not by any billboard - the other day when I chanced to look up at this particular billboard.
The billboard
In and of itself this billboard is nothing special nor anything unique.  It is just another bit of outdoor commercial advertising.  The dangerous thing about billboard though is how they are intended to be viewed.  Specifically they are intended to be viewed from some distance away and not close up.  It was only because this particular billboard was mounted so close to the building's edge atop its roof that this became so apparent.  Had the billboard been mounted in the middle of the building's roof then its danger most likely would not have been so immediate.  It wasn't, so it is.  And thus, there's this:
A closer look at the danger
Now, I've nothing against this billboard, nothing against Ms. Jolie, and nothing against the line of Tomb Raider films.  What struck me though was the image this presented to me as I looked up at that billboard.  Had this been a three dimensional representation then Ms. Jolie's ample endowment would have obscured the danger this billboard presented.  However, the billboard ad was but a two dimensional thing so Angelina's "huge tracts of land" could play no part in blocking that danger.  This left me free to recognize the threat of any such outsize ad that represented the human form when that billboard ad is viewed from too close a vantage point - particularly a point so off angle to it.

That day, as I exited my truck to head into DiMillie's Pizza to get my meatball sub, I looked up, saw this billboard, saw the ad on this billboard, and realized that I had a picture perfect view right up Angelina Jolie's nose!
Right up her nose!
This was a dangerous thing.  True, it would have looked unnatural for the ad to depict Ms. Jolie without any nostrils but to have blown her image up to billboard size and then to have slapped that image on a billboard and for that billboard to be placed in such a fashion that viewers could view it from so close a viewing point, well, that is a dangerous thing indeed.  Now the insides of Ms. Jolie's nose are all too apparent to even a casual viewer.

I was struck by this realization and even though I didn't see any of Ms. Jolie's nosehairs in that billboard image I knew that such hairs had to be there and that depicting her in such an outsize way would only invite such speculation and examination.  I had to laugh at this as it was typical of the modern age and the risks we face in our daily lives.

I'm sure that most of us don't go through our daily lives contemplating the risks we'd face if ever we were faced with such a face of such giant proportions.  Yet, such faces abound in our daily landscape as such billboards abound and that means the threat these billboards bear also abounds.  As I said, billboards can be dangerous things.

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