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San Diego Comic-Con

Captain America First Avenger at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Comic-Con.  THE Comic-Con.  The San Diego Comic-Con.

Officially, the Comic-Con International: San Diego.  But, everyone knows it as Comic-Con or at least as "Comic-Con, San Diego."

It is THE "comic convention" to go to.  It's the longest lasting, the biggest, the best attended, and has the most going on.  Attendance is usually up well over 100,000.  It has long ago expanded past just being about comic books and has become a full multi-media pop culture event.  This is THE place for the major entertainment companies to have a presence at in order to pump their products.  So, not only are the major comic book companies sure to have large booths but the major motion picture studios will also have an outsize presence to push whatever their latest genre releases are hitting the market.  So, if you're a geek or a nerd or a fan, then this is THE event to be at.  And it has been so for decades.

There are other comic conventions.  There always have been, in fact.  I've been to several, in fact.  WonderCon is one of the larger and more popular ones and its run by the same folks as run Comic-Con San Diego.  It's held up in the Los Angeles area.  Usually in Anaheim but they occasionally held it in downtown LA.  WonderCon is much smaller than the San Diego effort and that is actually an appreciated thing as the crowds at Comic-Con can be a bit much.  I've been to several WonderCons and have enjoyed myself as I did so.  WonderCons however, aren't Comic-Con.

Yeah, Comic-Con is that big of a deal.

When I was living in San Diego and discovered Comic-Con, I would usually just show up, buy my admission and enjoy myself for the day.  It was that simple and easy to get in.  For several years there I'd only remember that Comic-Con was happening due to some radio station's mentioning it.  "Oh, that's this weekend?" was my reaction and I'd be sure to be there early on the Saturday of the even to get there before the crowds.  Yeah, that was a long time ago.

That all ended the year I showed up to buy my day pass and I found the line to get in wrapped itself down out of the Sail Deck, outside, and then ran west back along the entire length of the San Diego Convention Center, then snaked its way past the Marriott Marquis hotel to then wrap itself along the Embarcadero before finally winding up at Seaport Village.  With no other options, I got in that line and steadily inched forward.  For three hours.

Finally, just as the fourth hour of standing in line was about to start and as I had just turned the corner there at the west end of the Center to look down the length of Exposition Way - where I could see the entry point to go upstairs to get my day pass - word was passed down that the event was closed to new admissions.  The San Diego Fire Marshall had called it as there were too many people jammed inside that huge expanse of building.  Three hours for naught!  Ack!

After that it was pre-purchasing my admission.  The folks running Comic-Con, also instituted changes such that pre-purchasing was about the only way to ensure you got a ticket.  The event sells out that quick.  So quick, in fact, that's it's now something of a hereditary thing.

That is, pre-purchasing of tickets for the next year's event are first offered up to current attendees.  And as most attendees aren't stupid, they snap those up quick as they can.  That leaves precious few tickets then available for the general public to get in on themselves.  You have to pre-register to then be able to purchase tickets.  They've even established a "lottery" system through which individuals are offered the chance of being able to purchase tickets for the next year.  It's the only way they're able to handle the utter deluge of attendees.

A downside of this setup however, is if you miss a year.  Without being among the current attendees you don't get first crack at tickets for the next year.  You're on the outside among the common-folk!  Which is what happened to me.  I missed a year and couldn't get a ticket for the next year.  And then I was on the road working out of state and so on and so on.

Thus, for several years Comic-Con was just a memory for me.  Well in 2019 that changed!  I scored!  I actually got a ticket to Comic-Con 2020!  Yeah, it was only for a Day Pass and that was only on the Sunday but, dammit!  I was back among the cool kids!  So I was all hot set and ready as 2020 dawned.  Well, we all know how that dawning turned out.  Especially out here in Gavin Newsom's California.  Comic-Con 2020 was canceled due to Covidiocy.  So too was Comic-Con 2021.

But then came 2022 and, finally, the Perpetually Terrified could no longer justify the extreme financial loss imposed by keeping Comic-Con canceled.  So, on it was.  And thus, for the first time in at least a decade - if not longer - I was back in San Diego to attend a Comic-Con.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get in to next year's event and keep it rolling from there.

Thus this page dedicated to my Comic-Con International: San Diego experiences.

Comic-Con 2022

Cap and Cap's Portrait

Found this nice bit of artwork of Captain America within but a few minutes of my showing up at the Con.
Cowboy Bebop

Faye from the Japanese Anime "Cowboy Bebop." Nicely done!
Cap and Thanos

Cap and Thanos

In person he's not so big. And one of Cap's special abilities is a superlative tactical and strategic awareness. Thus, Cap would know the best way to take on Thanos wouldn't be by himself but as part of team. So, Cap wouldn't be alone.

And Cap, no doubt, would "go for the head" right from the start!
Cap and Cap

Cap and Cap...

Yeah, there'll be a bunch of photos like that here!

Cap and a guy in suit

He's just a guy in a suit...

Cap and Flynn

Flynn & Cap

This guy on the left here, David March Fleming (@ddprogram on Instagram,) does an awesome job recreating the Flynn character from the original "Tron" movie.

Disc versus Shield

Identity disc versus Cap's first shield. Could be dicey here!
Cap and Cap

Cap and Cap!

Captain America The First Avenger (on the left) and The Avengers Captain America (on the right.)

Interesting bit with this photo, the guy who took this image was a personal trainer up in LA and he got the gig to be one of Chris Evans' personal trainers as Chris bulked up to first portray Steve Rogers - a.k.a. Captain America.

He had a picture of him and Chris on his phone and Chris looked positively scrawny!

What a helluva deal Chris Evans scored there! Not only did he land the role of a lifetime that has paid him millions - and will continue to do as long as people pay to watch anything with his character in it - but he also got paid to get big.

That meant he got paid to hire several personal trainers. And no doubt a nutritionist to work up and prep his protein rich meals. And a physical therapist to work out the knots all that training created. So, a personal health entourage dedicated to getting Chris Evans in Steve Roger's shape - and all on the studio's dime.

Yeah, a helluva deal!

Cap and Momaw Nadon

Cap and Momaw Nadon

Momaw Nadon is one of the aliens in the Mos Eisley cantina from the "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" movie. Paul Wee (@paul_wee_artworks on Instagram) did an excellent job working this costume up.

Here I'm trying to make sure I don't wind up bonking my helmet into his costume!

Cap and Momaw Nadon

Cap and Momaw Nadon

Cap and Indy

Cap and Indy

Of course Cap would cross paths with the good Dr. Jones. Indy was also a true patriot and did his part in the war against the Nazis!

Cap and Cap

Cap and Cap (again!)
Cap and Scarlet

Cap and Black Widow

Cap and Maleficent

Cap and Maleficent

This lovely lady was fully in character, radiant and further proof that having some cos-play fun isn't just for the kids!

Cap and Thor

Cap and Thor!

Cap and Electra

Cap and Electra the Assassin

That's Rachel Michelle (@beautyandbrainswithatwist) doing her excellent Electra cosplay.

Cap and Joey Landers

Cap and Cap! Doin' it old school!

This was great! Joey Landers (@crazybadgerboi on Instagram) was the only other First Avenger Cap I saw at the Con. All home made and excellent! I'm glad we got the chance to get an image together.

Futurama Cosplay

A bit of Futurama cos-play with an alien from "The Visitors" thrown in. Yeah, there was lots of crossing of the streams at Comic-Con

Cap and Grandma from "Courage the Cowardly Dog"

Cap and Muriel Bagge

This fine lady worked up that entire costume herself. She's portraying Muriel Bagge from "Courage the Cowardly Dog" animated TV series. She even stitched up Courage there as well!

Good Omens Aziraphale and Crowley

Aziraphale and Crowley from "Good Omens." These two were spot on in their portrayal.
Cap and Tony

Cap and Tony

I knew this guy's dad!

He was nicely workin' it here and had the "Epic Awesome Beard" down to a "T!"

Cap and Ruby Rod

Cap and Ruby Rod!

It was "Hot! Hot! Hot" and "Super Green!" there at Comic-Con with Ruby doing his broadcast. I first caught up with LeQuan Bennett (@windstriker007 on Insta) at a Wondercon a couple of years back and he is still rockin' it as Ruby!

Cap and Tom

Cap and Voldy

Meh. Red Skull was more of threat and Cap knew how to handle him. So...

Cap, Starfleet Admiral Ann, and Wonder Woman Ironman

Cap and Admiral Ann, and Wonder Woman Ironman!

This was great! It was late in the afternoon and Ann had finally made it down to the Convention Center - no thanks to a cowardly Uber driver who canceled on her even as he pulled up to her and saw her in costume. Then she waded through the Covid certification process and then - finally - got into the Convention Center itself.

She's in an awesome latex Starfleet uniform and is, of course, wearing the four collar pips of a Starfleet Admiral!

The lady there on the left created her own costume out of duct tape and plastics and a whole lot of creativity! She's a cross of Wonder Woman and Ironman! Nicely done!

Cap, Captain England and Dr. Strange

Captain America and Captain Britain and Dr. Strange

Ah, what could've been...

Late in the afternoon I discovered that the Marvel booth was having a Marvel costume contest. So, I quickly got in line, being the last one to do so. Well, I was too late. They'd already chosen to cut things off as the line wrapped well wound the booth itself. Ah, what could've been indeed...

Still though, I got this great image of the "What If..." versions of Cap and Dr. Strange

Cap and Hawkman

Cap and Hawkman

More crossing of the streams! DC and Marvel streams, that is. This guy did an awesome job with his Hawkman costume. I don't think his bird much liked Cap though. Looks like it was trying to peck at his helmet...

Cap and Star Lord

Cap and Star-Lord

That's the dad of the @baxfamcosplay family there rendering Peter Quill - a.k.a. Star-Lord from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie. His wife is also into cosplay and she was at Comic-con playing Gamora. They've made fully a family affair with their kids getting into cos-play as well.

Loki and Moon Knight

Loki and Moon Knight

Mom and son (I think?) were having a blast at Comic-Con

Cap and Aang and Ann

Cap, Admiral Ann, and Aang

Yeah, there's a bit of gender bending going on with @sunflow3rsamurai and her rendering of Aang from the "Last Airbender" anime series. But, she was rockin' it!

Though it doesn't come out as readily as it should, the gold tones of her makeup were both quite flattering and matched her cellphone case!

We caught up with her as we were calling it a day done at the Con. So we were outside at this point and there was still plenty to see!

X-Men in comfort

Professor X and his crew of X-Men: Wolverine, Gambit, and Cyclops.

This is a great example of what you can find outside of such conventions. Folks turn up and are well turned out and just park it right outside. The constant flow of attendees going past 'em thereby gets one gorgeous eyeful after another.

These lads here were havin' a blast just standing 'round getting gawked at. Professor Xavier there had it the easiest as he got to remain comfortably seated throughout.

Storm and Ann

Storm and Admiral Ann

Cap and Storm

Cap and Storm

This woman was fully in the moment. Her costume was spot on and minimal and quite comfortable to be wearing for the event. She'd parked herself outside with an excellent backdrop and was constantly mobbed for photos.

Her physique was perfect for rendering the X-Men character of Storm and she was having a blast with it.

Cap and Amazon Queen

Cap and the Queen of the Amazons!

After dinner - and a LOT of water - Ann and I came back for the Masquerade. The line to get in wrapped entirely around the whole of the convention center! We had to stop however, to get this image of an excellently rendered Queen of the Amazons!


The 2022 Comic-Con Masquerade!

This was THE costume contest. It was the first Masquerade at Comic-Con I'd attended. Ann wanted to get in line for it was fast as we could so we'd be able to actually sit close enough to actually see the goings on going on on stage.

Despite hustling back to the Convention Center after we'd taken our much need dinner break, we still had to tromp all the way 'round the entire length of the Convention Center's upper level. The line went all the way down one side, across the eastern end of the building then all the way back up the other side - and then even went outside to flow along there as well! And we WERE there early!

Thus, we scored some seats about twelve or so rows back. The folks who'd gotten there earlier than us hadn't packed themselves in so Ann eyeballed a pair of seats open and we jumped at 'em.

I've images of some of the entries but my cellphone is not particularly good at capturing low light stuff so I won't bother posting 'em here. Suffice to say there was a lot of creativity up on stage in glorious display.

Crust Breakfast

Sunday morning saw me at The Crust getting fueled up for the day. I highly recommend this breakfast place in Hotel Circle - on the south side of the 8 and just west of the 163 - as they serve some excellent grub! Also, if you ask nicely they'll turn down the rock music they play and thus making it easier to become human once again after a tiring day as you start self-fueling!

Cap and Female Bucky

Cap Finally Finds Bucky - and Boy, Have Things Changed!

I was hoping to find a Bucky at Comic-Con as the pairing would've been perfect. Lo and behold! There was Bucky... um... There was Bucky... herself!

Yeah, Hydra can really change a person if it gets its clutches on you!

This was a great costume and she really did justice to Bucky from "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Cap and Classic Loki

Cap and Loki

Loki here did this one all himself. Colored duct tape, plastic sheet, foam core and paint! He looked great!

Cap and Leelo

Cap and Leeloo

This woman did an excellent job recreating Leeloo's costume from the "5th Element" movie - replete with her "Multi-Pass" and all.

Stan Lees

Lots of Lees

Alas, renderings such as these are the only new appearances Stan The Man Lee will be making now.

Cap and Maui

Cap and Maui

This is a great example of "playing to your strengths. This lad here on the left is a nicely muscled young Pacific Islander. So, doing cosplay as some tall skinny old Nordic character probably wouldn't be as ready a fit.

But portraying Maui from the 2016 "Moana" animated feature? Oh yeah, that's a shoe-in. Just do some foam core carving to replicate Maui's magical fish hook, work up some Pacific Islander appliques tattoos and a palm frond "loin cloth" and you're good to go! 

Cap and Mini Kylo

Cap and Kylo - a really young Kylo...

This kid was having a blast. His dad took a series of images of us and Wee Young Kylo here was having such fun doing his light saber moves that this was the only where it was visible in the shot as he was twirlin' it 'round so much!

They were both having a blast! 

Cap and Crusader

Cap and Crusader

Fighting for truth and justice in our own special ways!

Another nicely done bit of costuming there at Comic-Con 

Cap and Riddler 01

Cap and the Riddler

David Delgado (@drdelgado2) found me as I was recovering from being in costume for a good sweaty long length of time. He was really happy to see a "Classic Cap" as he was portraying a "Classic Riddler." I simply had to get an image of us as his costume and portrayal was really well done. 

Cap and Riddler 02

Cap and the Riddler (part 2)

So, I got all slung back up and then we hunted 'round for a suitable background for the images. Finding an unoccupied bit of wall out in the lobby wasn't working so we "cut in" to one of the event lines to get this background. I turned on my Captain America's "command presence" and "volun-told" a passerby that he was going to be kind enough to take our picture.

Really though, I was a whole lot more respectful of his time than that.

And the guy did a great job as the Riddler even broke out his signature purple gloves. Great stuff all 'round! 


Ah to be an "Influencer"

I was back out in the lobby and heard this noise off to one side of me. I turned and saw this well costumed lad talking rapidly to his phone as he strode forward boldly.

Then he stopped, walked back to where he started and did another take. And then another take. And another - by this time I'd my phone out got the image mid-stride - take.

He was definitely "making content" for his online presence there at Comic-con. 

Cap and Jedi family

The Family That Jedis Together stays Together!

This was a great bunch. Dad there on the left called out to me for a photo and we got the family together for this group shot. The mom declined but did do the photography. More great stuff! 

Cap and Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom

Cap, Mister Fantastic and Dr. Doom

Quite the trio! The man portraying Reed Richards absolutely nailed his current rendering as seen in the "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" movie - beard and all. The Dr. Doom costuming was excellent and wonderfully detailed. The man doing that one was having a fine time playing up just how grandiose Dr. Doom could be! 

Cap, Wasp and Antman

Cap and Ant Man and The Wasp

Well, it was bound to happen - what with Dr. Henry Pym and his Pym Particles! Sooner or later both Ant Man and The Wasp would use the power of the Pym Particles to zip back in time and cross paths with Cap back during the fight against Hydra!

These two were great! Self-made costumes replete with light-up effects. Ant Man - a.k.a Scott Lang - stayed in character relating to Cap and that was awesome! We all commiserated the cost involved of being so fully suited up. It had gotten so bad their eye pieces in their helmets would fog up almost instantly after they'd had them on for a while.

But damn! They looked awesome! 

Cap and Claire

Cap and Claire

Ann was absolutely gorgeous in this costume! And it was no small effort on her part in achieving that.

Ann is a big fan of the "Outlander" TV series and the book from whence is sprang. She's especially fond of the lead character, Claire Fraser. One of the sequences in the "Outlander" tale is of Claire's traveling to Paris with her love, Jamie. Of course, the times being what they were, and Paris being Paris, that meant a sumptuous "high court" dress. And that's exactly what Ann achieved. Achieved, that is, eventually...

She found a vendor on Etsy who seemed every bit the part to re-create that dress. Alas, that vendor lived down to almost every negative stereotype of the flakes that infest Etsy. After much vexation she got a "dress" from that vendor. And I'm being overly generous in call it a "dress." It certainly bore no resemblance to what Claire wore on screen nor even to the photos of previously rendered "Claire's Red Dress" on that vendor's Etsy store page. Ann actually had to take that woman to small claims court to recoup even a portion of the money she'd expended in contracting her to produce one.

Yet, Ann persisted and found a new vendor to help her recreate her vision of Claire and the Red Dress. This one turned out to be everything she'd hoped for and the dress is both beautiful and spot on accurate to what was up on screen.

Ann even created her own pair of shoes to match what Caitríona Balfe - the actress who portrays Claire in the series - wore on screen as well.

This was a major coup for Ann to count in having finally brought her vision of this alive and in time for Comic-con. The bunches of folks wanting photos of "Claire from Outlander" were proof of how well her efforts paid off. 


This was Ann's second go 'round as Claire that day. She'd gotten into the dress early that morning with the help of Tina - again, thank you Tina! - as the dress requires a dresser to get you into it. And then she made her way over to the Con. She was wearing those screen accurate heels that she'd made. And while they were accurate and while they are wearable, they also started wearing holes in her feet. That was getting painful so she retired to do some changes. She switched to flats and redid her wig and came out again. That's when we caught up.

By this time it was early afternoon and also by this time her wig, secured as it was, was starting to get painful as well. That's not conducive to being amongst a crowd clamoring for your attention. Plus we were both getting hungry.

Ann autograph

So, we made our way across the length of the Convention floor so that she could catch up with a particular Star Wars comic artist and then headed back to her hotel to take a break. 
Cap and Deadpool Bot 01

Cap and Deadpool Bot

Deadpool as a Bot would fit perfectly with that character! "nickthepropguy's" costume creation here is excellent (@nicks_prop_and_cosplay on Instagram.) Nick is fully encased and walking around quite nimbly on stilts inside that rig. Nicely done! 

Cap and Deadpool Bot 02

Cap and Deadpool Bot

And even better, Nick was quite happy to do some posing with Cap! 
Cap and Deadpool Bot 03

Cap and Deadpool Bot

Deadpool Bot punching Cap's shield - action shot by Ann! 

Ann Clair Remnants

At last we got back to Ann's hotel room and got unslung. This, was not a simple nor quick process.

First we peeled off her wig. Spirit gum and clips and all. It was truly getting painful and it would also have been catching on the rest of the outfit as that came off. So, off came the wig. We kept the hair cap on however, as that kept her hair from getting in the way.

And then it was getting busy getting her disrobed. Layer after layer. Unlacing followed by more unlacing followed by pulling this piece straight up and off and then unlacing the next piece and so on and so on.

This is what was left of it all and it's in reverse order stacked up on the chair there.

Ann was overjoyed to be able to have it all assembled and so well received at the Con and she was also quite happy to be able to finally take it all off too! I was happy to help with that. 


Godzilla at Comic-Con!

Saw this fine... lad... walking 'round Comic-Con on Sunday afternoon after he'd "smashed it!" in the Masquerade Saturday night. This was an excellent recreation of the original "Godzilla: King of the Monsters" monster from the 1956 Japanese film. 
Greco Cap

Greco Cap!

Some major streams crossing here! And very nicely rendered too! Excellent detailing and an inspirational thing of just how you can creatively stretch the Captain America iconography. 

Sarah Connor

Sarah Connor at Comic-Con.

I saw this woman and the first thing I could think of was the actress, Linda Hamilton. So when I asked her if that was who she was portraying it took us both a second to realize we were talking about the same thing: Sarah Conner from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

That was a truly buffed out Sarah / Linda and this lady here has obviously been working to that end and was quite happy to be recognized for it. She very much nailed down the look. 

Bag of Tricks 01

Back Home With My Bag of Tricks

I am a planner by trade so it's no surprise that I planned how I was to schlep my costume around and now have to wear it all while doing so. Hence my Bag of Tricks. Actually it's my Bags of Tricks... 

Bag of Tricks 02

Bag of Tricks Revealed!

Years back, before I'd purchased my own washer and drier, I had to use local laundromats. One particular one near where I was living at the time also sold some pretty mega laundry bag bags. I picked up a couple as it was a lot more convenient stuff my clothes into those than anything else I had.

Ever since I acquired my own washer and drier however, the Corner Wash laundry bags haven't seen much need of use.

Well, those days are at an end!

To move my costume gear from where I parked at Hazard Center, onto the Trolley and then on to the Con, I used both of the bags! 

Bag of Tricks 03

Bags of Tricks Unveiled

Into the first bag I put the shield and all the web gear - along with the boot knife the gloves and the jacket. Into the second bag I put the helmet with its attached goggles. I figured that'd help prevent the lenses from getting scratched.

With my gear all bagged up I just wore my Captain America shirt and my paratrooper pants with my jump boots and the leggings attached. It was MUCH easier moving 'round that way as I rode the Trolley and then hiked 'round downtown and into the Convention Center.

Then, once in, I removed the goods, got slung up, and then stuffed the two bags into one of the cargo pockets in the pants. On screen, all of Cap's pockets - both of the cargo pockets on his paratrooper pants and all the cartridge belt pockets and both of the compass pouch pockets - are all quite obviously full. Thus, this was both a "screen accurate" and a practical thing. 

Comic-Con Details

And That Was San Diego Comic-Con 2022

Everything from my original one day only pass for Sunday to the lucky score of a second day pass for Saturday (thanks again Tina!) to my negative Covid test result, to my Trolley fare pass to the Masquerade ticket. It all came together nicely!

It meant a lot of prep work and some crafting on my part. I had lots of great help from my friends to make it possible as well.

And it all worked. This was definitely worth it and I'll be doing this again and doing more like it as well! 

If you would like to know more about this adventure I had, then just ask!  Click on my email address here:
email me

This page was last updated on: 05 September 2022


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In the meantime, I hope you have enjoyed your "stay" at this site.  Check back again to see what new images I have added.  Until then, stay well, play hard, play safe, and have fun!