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The Gone Goat


The Start of Things
Change is good.  Change or die.  As you have seen in the rest of my site, that is a phrase that I take much stock in.  So, on a fine Sunday morning in July of '02 I decided to do some more changing.  It has been a bit over two years since last I shaved off my goatee and mustache.  Long enough for me to want to try doing it again.  This time though, I made sure to get some more photos of the whole process.
A trimmed goat The first step involved in all of this was trimming down the thicket of my goatee.

I used a pair of scissors for this as I didn't want to wear out my beard clippers just taking off the initial bunch.

I looked at the extreme close cropping that resulted.  I know some guys go for this but I decided against it.  I know it works for some but I figure that if you are going to go to the extent of growing out a goatee you might as well do so to the extent it isn't just fuzz.

So, I then used the clippers to do a rough shave.

The rough shave

The next step was to get all lathered up.

I've tried "dry shaving" and found that really did a number on my skin.  So, I got my face and beard all nice and wet and soft with the hot steam from a face cloth I'd just run under hot water.  I did that a few times until I felt the hairs had gotten soft enough from it.

Then I got out the shaving cream and did it up.

The shaving went smoothly.  This wasn't the hard part anyway.  I usually shave most of my face even when I have a goatee.  So it was just a few more areas that I got at this point. 

It did however, feel a bit odd doing something so different.

Lathered up!

The Gone Goat

The Gone Goat!

Longhair and a moustache A different look, that's for sure! 

I tried a couple of different poses with this.  I had my hair back and had it down to the sides.  Nothing really worked.

Having a goatee works because I think it makes my face look longer.  Just having the mustache though, doesn't do that and I think it leaves things looking out of balance.

In any event, I didn't particularly care for this look.  I had pretty much figured this from my past experience with all this so I wasn't particularly surprised. 

This did allow me to then have some fun with trimming my mustache though!

A little gone down the middle!
Just at the edges
Just a little gone down the middle!
Just a little left at the edges!

Somehow, I just don't think they'd let me get away with this at work!

So, off it all went!

Now I'm really lathered up!

I had to be especially careful here.  A couple of years of being behind that mustache has left the skin above my upper lip rather tender and unused to having a razor sharp blade dragged along its surface.  That plus I have a birthmark on my upper lip that I can slice almost clean off if I'm not careful.  So, with care, I did the last of the shaving.

All smoothed out now.

Freshly shaved too!

After a solemn moment to note the now gone goatee and mustache, I was back to smiling.

This is about as far as I'm going to go here.  So, for those shaving fetishists who are also of the bent to wanting a headshave too, well, sorry, the mane will remain!

Hell, tomorrow I might tire of shaving my beard and mustache and start letting it grow back in.  We'll see.

A smoothed out now

For now though, I think I'll just enjoy it the way it is and see how well it is received.  Part of that is seeing if anyone actually notices.  You'd be surprised by how many folks won't!

Smooth and Longhaired


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