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Well, it had to happen eventually.  I've been emailing for long enough and posting my thoughts on several different online message boards enough times that this was bound to happen.  Yes, I've started writing my own little stories.  The ones here now were spurred by the online discussions I participated in on the Bean's Books WebBoard - otherwise known as Baen's Bar.  That's a fascinating place and I recommend it highly.  Lots of interesting people hang out there and no few have been inspired enough by its atmosphere to try their hand at writing full length novels!  I'm not at that level but I have put together a few words and I thought I'd put them up here.  And thus this page was born.

If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.  I can be reached
here at:

You can also try using Yahoo Messenger as I’ll have that one sometimes while I am at work or at home.

My Yahoo handle is:


Until later then,


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This page was last updated on: 31 March 2004