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Attraction is about as purely a subjective thing as you can get.  As is attractiveness.  What one individual finds awesomely compelling an other individual might find the same to be unmoving while a third might find it repulsive.  "Different strokes..." and all that.  My personal tastes are my own, thankfully.  I've found over the years that they range considerably and are in no way iron clad or absolute.  In general though, I have noticed that some elements have remained consistent and work for me quite well.  The pages here are examples of some of the men and women which I find highly attractive.

I like my partners to be tall, but at six feet tall myself that is a difficult thing to achieve.  A tall order, if you will.  To date, I've only been with one woman who could almost look me level in the eyes in her bare feet.  Same same with the men.  So, my preference there is another non-absolute.  I've also found that I tend to like short haired women and Longhaired men.  As a result, the women I've been with have ranged from buzzcut beauties to ladies with long locks and only a too few handful of men that I've been with have had true manes.  I tend to like darker haired folk over lighter ones.  Thus, all but one of the women I've been with colored their hair from black to blond to red to brown to purple, even, and left me unsure of what their "natural" hair color was to begin with.  My first boyfriend here in San Diego was a blond blue eyed lad from Maine and my last boyfriend here was a dark skinned, raven haired brown eyed beauty from Saudi Arabia.

I'm attracted to people I can relate to and thus that means they need to be within a decade or so of my own age.  Life experience and similar generational experiences are the key here.  Thus, my last partner was thirteen years my senior while my latest encounter has been with a lass young enough to be my daughter - had I been into child creating when I was but nineteen.  She, however, has a maturity beyond her twenty seven years and a world spanning knowledge that spanned that age gulf.

So, as I said, my tastes range.  They are as eclectic as they are personal.  And they all reflect what and who I find generates that sense of Attraction within me.

If you would like to learn more about me – just ask!   Drop me a line and we’ll see what happens.  I can be reached
here at:

Until later then,


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This page was last updated on: 30 March 2008